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How does medical marijuana actually help treat various medical disorders? 

Medical marijuana has been proven to have an affect on medical conditions.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Let’s start off by discussing Alzheimer’s disease.  The main ingredient in marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), prevents amyloid plaque from accumulating in the brain.  Amyloid plaque buildup ultimately causes Alzheimer’s disease, which explains how medical marijuana can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  According to a study conducted by The Scripps Research Institute, medical marijuana is even more effective than propidium, donepezil, and tacrine—three of the most effective inhibitors of amyloid plaque buildup.  Best of all, medical marijuana can both treat and prevent Alzheimer’s.


While no cure currently exists for glaucoma, medical marijuana can help treat the disorder.  Glaucoma can cause intraocular pressure, which leads to optic nerve damage.  Optic nerve damage, in turn, can lead to blindness.  Multiple studies have shown that medical marijuana can slow down blindness by reducing intraocular pressure.

Multiple Sclerosis

In addition, medical marijuana can help treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, such as depression, pain, tremors, and spasticity.  And by alleviating these symptoms, medical marijuana can even slow down the degeneration of the central nervous system.

AIDS Symptoms

Similarly, medical marijuana can help alleviate symptoms of AIDS, including loss of appetite, nausea, as well as other symptoms, which may be worsened by chemotherapy.  Of particular note is how medical marijuana helps improve appetite.  Specifically, dronabinol, a form of THC that is ingested orally, helped 70% of AIDS patients gain weight.  Considering how severe weight loss tends to exacerbate the debilitating effects of AIDS, the fact that medical marijuana can help patients gain weight is a very important finding indeed.

Don’t underestimate the natural healing power of marijuana because it has had a stigma for so many years.  Be open to the proof and the possibility that nature really does give us the best medicine.

By Neil Charles