Hash and Marijuana Concentrates

We also carry a great selection of concentrates. We take pride in selling the best hash we can find, generally having it made from our own organic product. We send the freshest product to some of the best concentrate labs in the state for the highest quality shatter, wax and CO2 honey oil. We frequently have our concentrates tested for potency and contaminants. Check out some of the test results on our Instagram!

We carry a variety of concentrates including wax, budder, flake, Co2 honey oil, live resin, shatter, nug run shatter and nectar. See some of our brands below.

3 Top Types of Marijuana Concentrates

The top 3 concentrates are Shatter, Wax, and Co2 Honey Oil! There are a variety of differences between the “Big 3” concentrates; including: potency, consistency, and flavor.


Shatter tends to be the most potent of concentrates and has a glue-like consistency when it is room temperature. Most concentrates users store their shatter in a refrigerator and break the desired amount off in pieces. It is recommended to dab or vape shatter because it needs to be heated high enough to melt in order to be inhaled. Shatter is usually made from a combination of the trim of a plant and buds. Nug run shatter or Nectar is made from whole buds. Quality shatter is usually a transparent amber color, and will have a fresh piny scent. Each strain of shatter will provide different flavors similar to that of the flower it is made from. Shatter can be upwards of 4-5 times more potent than the flower that it is made from. This is because it is so concentrated. As an example 1/4lb of flowers on average will make 1/2oz of shatter.

Wax or Budder

Wax or budder is probably the most popular form of concentrate for several reasons. It is more affordable than shatter, and easier to use. Wax is an opaque concentrate that can be dabbed, vaped or smoked in combination with bud. It has a waxy consistency, and is far less sticky than shatter, making it easier to handle or load into a vape pen or pipe. Shatter is generally tastier and more potent than wax, which is why you pay more!

Co2 Honey Oil

Co2 Honey Oil is usually made from the trim or fan leaf of the marijuana plant. It is made using a very expensive machine called a supercritical fluid extractor and Co2. This concentrate is a dark amber color and is very viscous. Co2 Honey oil is high in both CBD and THC. It can help with anxiety, nausea and insomnia. It comes fully activated so you cannot only smoke it, but you can also use it in an edible form in addition to turning it into a salve. Co2 Honey Oil has proven to have the most medicinal effects because of it combination of CBD and THC. With the proper funding this form of concentrate could really be the key to helping out with a large variety of medical ailments!


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Organa Labs

O.pen cartridges…Co2 Oil cartridges that go on portable vaporizer pens. Very convenient and discreet. Easy to use. No clean up. Highly recommended. O.Pen is one of the most popular companies in Colorado. They have done so well that they are one of the first companies to spread nationwide, becoming available in over 7 states that have legalized medical marijuana. O. Pen cartridges are Co2 extracted honey oil that comes in a variety of strains. We carry both 250mg and 500mg pre-loaded cartridges. The O.Pen is a great product for several reasons, it is easy to use, very discrete, and best of all has no clean up involved. All you have to do is attach the Co2 Honey Oil cartridge to the battery and begin to vape. They are perfect for outdoor activities or any event that requires discretion because they look like an e-cigarette.

Caregivers 4 Life:

Honeycomb Wax…strain specific


Great shatter company out of CO Springs…always smooth gold color w no air bubbles. We currently have 7 different strains and always have strain specific options.

Essential Extracts

Solventless Hash! Hash that is not blasted with butane…old school hash basically, bubble hash. Strain specific.

TC Labs


Colorado Cannabis Company

1/2g 1g and ounces of co2 honey oil! This is the most medicinal form of hash that we carry. It has anywhere from 3-8%cbd and cbc. Can we ingested orally for best results.

The Lab

Peanut Budder Hash, good quality.