Medical Marijuana Edibles

For those patients that need the medication but prefer not to smoke or can’t smoke having a large variety of edible products is crucial. It also allows the patient to really control the dose that they take in a way that is not possible with smoking.

We are proud to carry one of the largest edible selections in Denver. We carry over 15 different edible companies, which is why we have such a diverse selection. Our edibles range from 30mg to 950mg. We have everything from brownies, cookies and chocolate bars to baklava, gummies, hard candy, and suckers. We also carry medicated granola bars, mints, savory crackers, fruit bars, and soda! In addition we have both Indica and Sativa tinctures. One of our favorite edibles is a take and bake 150mg medicated pizza. Some of the companies we carry include Incredibles, Dabba Bars, Sweet Grass, Medibles, Cheeba Chews, Mountain High Suckers, EdiPure, Wana, Mountain Medicine, Loves Oven, Blue Kudu, and Keef Cola. Edibles have become very popular for a variety of reasons. Check out some of our MMJ edibles:


A variety of gummy and hard candies, very similar to what you would find in a 7/11. Everything from Cherry Bombs (little cherry gummies) to Sweet N Sours (essentially sour patch kids). The great thing about these edibles is how easy they are to dose. We predominately carry a 250mg bottle. The bottles are filled with either 25 10mg candies(i.e. sweet n sours), or 10 25mg candies (i.e. cherry bombs). Where as most edibles, like brownies or cookies, that have say 250mg in them it is hard to determine how much you are taking if you do not eat the whole thing, with edipure you can take a very accurate dose to properly medicate.

Sweet Grass

Made with canna-butter. One of the better tasting products on our shelf. They bake chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and PB+J Cups (essentially a pb brownie). Doses range from 68-75mg.

Mountain High Suckers

One of the few CBD infused edibles…they make a wide variety of flavored suckers, from wild berry to coconut to chili lime. They also make lozenges. One of the few edibles that has a high dose of cbd in them.


Very well made chocolate bars and gummy candies. Variety of flavors from cookies n creme to raspberry habanero. Dosed between 100-300mg these bars are also easy to dose with…as each bar as 10 pieces to break off the main bar anywhere from 10-30mg. The gummy candy has 2 50mg gummies in each package.

Keef Cola

One of the better drink companies. 6 flavors all dosed at 100mg. The Bubba Kush Rootbeer just won first place in the 2015 Cannabis Cup for edibles in Denver.

Blue Kudu

Similar to incredibles but much smaller in size. Nice because you don’t have to eat as much chocolate. They also come in Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid, which is nice as most edibles are just hybrid. 100-225mg and about 1/6th the size of an incredible chocolate bar.

Cheeba Chews

Another product that comes in sativa, indica, or hybrid. Anywhere from 70-175mg…very small similar to a tootsie roll. One of the first edible companies in the industry.

Dabba Chocolates

Mint chocolate bars ranging from 100-225mg. They also come in indica, sativa, or hybrid.

Mountain Medicine

Wide variety of products. We carry some of the baked goods! Very high dose products for a great price. Best value on the shelf.


Indica or Sativa dominant brownies.  Known for there take n bake pizza. Also make granola bars and tinctures.

Loves Oven

Good variety of unique products. Nut mixes and Baklava’s. Organic.

Wana Edibles

Strain specific wana rolls similar to cheeba chews. Wana jewels are a hard candy that are very popular.

Marys Medicinals

Tinctures and Topicals. Known for there thc and cbd patches…you can put a patch on for 24hr relief. Also make a nice variety of salves and cremes.


Topicals in lotion form or sprap form. Works well.

Caregivers 4 Life

Cannabis Tear and Cannabis Syrup…extremely high THC dose…come in liquid and pill form.