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Marijuana Extraction Methods, CO2 Extraction vs. Water

Marijuana Concentrates Marijuana Concentrates are made from a couple different methods to extract higher concentrations of THC from the plants.  These smokeable and edible concentrates are typically more than 80% pure THC.  Concentrates include oil, wax, hash, and keif.  Many opinions avail about which method of extraction is the best.  It really boils down to […] Read More

Amendment 64 Colorado Marijuana Legalization Facts Explained

Amendment 64 -On May 28, 2013 Governor Hickenlooper signed a number of bills into law making the use of recreational retail marijuana legal in Colorado. –Retail Marijuana stores cannot open before January 1, 2014. –From now until July 1, 2014 only current medical marijuana dispensary owners can apply for a retail marijuana license at a […] Read More

What is hash? What are the different types of concentrates?

Concentrates: An Overview For over 5,000 years ago, several historical references recognized the use of the herbal plant Marijuana for purpose of healing and treating various health conditions. Now considered as another form of alternative medicine and becoming popular among non-traditional medical practitioners. It is valued for its therapeutic and medicinal properties as an available […] Read More

What is the best vaporizer pen for your money?

Vaporizer Pens are portable, handy smoking devices that can be used for discreet smoking of choice herbs, wax or oils. It looks and feels like a pen that has several parts which includes a mouthpiece, chamber, heating element and battery unit. In just a few years, significant changes took place on vapes manufacturing giving more […] Read More

2013 High Times Cannibis Cup Winners

As you all know the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup was held in Denver Colorado. It was a great time that was enjoyed by all and was the first time the cup has been held on American Soil. Here are the High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 Results HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup 1st Place #USCupFlowers: Platinum […] Read More