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3 Delicious Holiday Edibles That NO ONE Can Resist

The holidays are a great chance to showcase all of our tastiest foods.  Desserts and snacks are a staple of the holiday season. Whether they enjoy holiday chocolates, cakes, cookies or anything else that can be associated with family get-togethers, people simply love to eat.  We didn’t want to leave our patients out of the […] Read More

The Worlds Oldest Pot Stash is Found to Be 2,700 Years Old!

If you thought that old bag of weed in the box of stuff from your high school bedroom was old think again!  The oldest stash of marijuana has been found and scientists are pretty sure it was not just cultivated for practical uses but rather for getting high – go figure! For years, historians believed […] Read More

Colorado Marijuana Tourism Could Flood the State With Cold Hard Cash

Now that marijuana is legal for recreational use in the state of Colorado has passed, in January 2014 people will be able to walk into Colorado stores and legally buy pot (provided that they are over 21, of course).  For many who living in surrounding states or just want to visit the beauty of Colorado […] Read More

How 4 Common Diseases are Treated by Medical Marijuana

How does medical marijuana actually help treat various medical disorders?  Alzheimer’s Disease Let’s start off by discussing Alzheimer’s disease.  The main ingredient in marijuana, known as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), prevents amyloid plaque from accumulating in the brain.  Amyloid plaque buildup ultimately causes Alzheimer’s disease, which explains how medical marijuana can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  According to a […] Read More

Colorado Recreational Marijuana Sales Rules

Colorado Legalized Recreational Marijuana Sales Rules Colorado became one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the last election cycle, and recently it became the first state to adopt final rules for the sale of the now-legal substance. The 136-page rules document was released two weeks ago and covers everything from […] Read More

Parents Desperate to Help Their Children Rush to Colorado for Medical Marijuana

Two year-old Mia Halabi suffers from severe epilepsy, and despite treatment from the nation’s best neurologists and the most powerful drugs available, Mia was at one point not much more than a human vegetable. Doctors told her parents that there was nothing that could be done, and that they should prepare for her death. As […] Read More

Federal Government Takes a Hands-Off Approach to Recreational Marijuana Use

Obama Reacts to Colorado Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Although President Barack Obama has confirmed that the federal government will not pursue recreational users of marijuana in the two states that have legalized it, some federal statutes will still be enforced. Similar hands-off treatment will be used by the federal government in the 18 states which have […] Read More

What Need To Know Right NOW About Colorado Proposition AA BEFORE You Vote

November 5th Colorado voters have another opportunity to change the way pot is sold in their states. Specifically, they have the chance to vote on the sales taxes that could be applied to retail sales of marijuana.  Here is a guide to Colorado Prop AA What is Colorado Proposition AA? Colorado Proposition would impose two […] Read More

Colorado Legalized Marijuana – Recreational User vs. Medical Marijuana User

Which is Right for You? Recreational User vs. Medical User Although recreational use of marijuana is legal in Colorado the exact definition of the law, as well as local laws, make medical marijuana much more available. Amendment 64 allows anyone 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana on their person, but […] Read More

Organic Medical Marijuana, It Just Makes Sense for Alternative Medicine Patients in Denver

Alternative MMJ Options Alternative medicine is making waves throughout the United States. And organic products go hand and hand with natural medicinals. It seems pointless to utilize naturopathic products that are bathed in pesticides and chemicals. For nature-paths, an organic lifestyle is a very serious commitment and finding quality medication is a difficult process for […] Read More